1. (23 January 2014) In eviction appeals to the CHEA Board, the Steward (or equivalent officer) from the house in question be present at the CHEA Board appeal proceedings at the request of the Board.

  2. (30 January 2014) The Board recommends that the houses coordinate to stagger the terms of Directors elected from their respective houses.

  3. (06 January 2015) Moving between houses, there is no contract break fee, per se. The party is expected to give four weeks notice to both houses, before moving between houses, and if the notice given is less than four weeks, the party can be charged pro-rated rent if the vacated room is not filled. The sum of the number of weeks of notice given and the number of weeks of pro-rated rent charged shall not be greater than four.

  4. (19 May 2015) CHEA budget to be done by May 1, in response to NASCO budget released by April 1. CHEA requests voted-upon budgets from houses by June 1.

  5. (02 June 2015) The percentages of the individual houses’ share of the lease payment and CHEA expenses at is fixed at 60.5% for La Reunion and 39.5% for Sasona.

  6. (21 June 2015, modified October 24 2017) The final agenda, time, and location of board meetings will be announced to the entire membership of CHEA at a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the meeting. Emergency cancellations or postponements must be scheduled at least 48 hours after the regularly scheduled meeting.

  7. (October 24 2017) The Board shall, when voting to enter executive session, explicitly list in the minutes made available to members of CHEA all reasons necessitating the use of executive session.