New Board Members

When Adding or Removing board members The members added need to be listed next to the Account Numbers and the members being removed need to be listed. Both need to be actions by the board and need to be reflected in the minutes for the bank to see.

The following 2 documents need to be filled out appropriately for each account where changes in Signers/Cosigners are being made:

Application Agreement for Business Accounts (2 pages)

-Page one needs all information for both signers at the top plus both signers signatures and SSN’s at the bottom
-Page two needs BOTH signer’s signatures on the SINGLE line at the bottom of the page

Authorization Resolution for Business Accounts (1 Page)

-Both signers need to sign and date on the top half of the page
-Another member of the board (not one of the signers) needs to sign the “Attest by…” line
-One of the signers needs to sign the “Signiture” line at the bottom of the page